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    Broadband router problem!!!


    I have this small home network with two computers. The thing is that i have a router. The other computers got msn messenger. The thing is that it dont work with voice chat. The router company says that i need to open the ports that msn messenger uses. The thing i wounder is how to open them up. The router has its own firewall. When i open them up in there, they dont really opens up ,nothing happens. Ist there some kind of software that you can open up ports like you wish.

    Really need the help, all lost!!!

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    Hello, it would help us if you told us more information. Like what kind of router is it, what options does the router give you, what OS are your computers, what ports do you need, which ports are currently open?
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    This is the router i use and its feuters.

    Bredbandsrouter with bulit in switch

    - Bulit in DHCP server
    - 4-ports switch
    - 10/100Mbps full duplex WAN-port
    - NAT firewall
    - Parentcontroll (contentfilering)
    - VPN pass through (PPTP, L2TP, IPSec)
    - Universal Plug & Play (UPnP)
    - Webbbased configuration

    I have win 2000 pro on both computers. And i have these ports open

    25 smtp
    110 pop3
    135 epmap
    139 Netbios
    445 Microsoft DS

    I wanna open these ports

    TCP client (socket 676) port - 3047
    UDP client (socket 788) port - 3073
    TCP client (socket 1320) port - 3161
    UDP client (socket 1408) port - 9
    TCP client (socket 1436) port - 3106

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    I looked on D-Link's site, couldn't find an actual manual. Did see in the product specs. that there are advanced features. That's probably what you're looking for.

    You'll probably have to open a web browser and enter an address like "" or something like that. Enter "admin" and the "password". It may not be admin, I don't know what D-Link defualts to. Same w/ the password.

    Once you get in there, you should be able to find port forwarding. You want to forward the ports MSN messenger uses to the IP/IP's of the machines you want to allow.
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    I know on my linksys switch when I enable a port it has to be maped to a certain computer. That coupled with #vilRick comment on port fowarding to specific domains should work. Also make sure the port you are opening is correct
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    You can download the manual for your DI-604 here.

    Just enter product manuals in the first drop down, DI-604 in the second and click download.
    Its almost 6mb.

    I had a d-link router, but not the Di-604. I don't remember having to open ports for that service though. It was some time ago, so it might be differnet now.

    At least you can have to most recent docs. I know the ones they ship with the device, normally aren't that good, and they get lost easily.
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    this is how the interface looks like.

    how do i fill it out.?????

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