Version 3 is still in its beta testing stages. However I downloaded it to try and thought I would share my comments on what I think about it. (Home Page) (Beta Section)

They have significantly improved the layout and visual apearance of the entire interface since version 2. I am quite pleases with the new look. They have also incorperated a built in IDS (Intrusion Detection System). the IDS was not there in version 2, so this was a big suprise for me. In the advanced configuration you can choose to turn on or off the IDS logging feature. From there you can view your filter logs and IDS log.

The advanced configuration window is what most pleases me. Everything is all under my finger tips. I can get a connection status window showing me all open and listening conections, statistics and more. Overall I am very ahppy with it, except for one small detail. When I compile programs useing Dev-C++ two error messages will be displayed every time I compile, I have emailed kerio's bug report about this issue and they are looking into it. I also posted a message on a Kerio suport forum. Im sure a solution or work around will be available shortly.

If I had the money, once version 3 full is relased, I would not hesitate in buying it. I think it is very nice of Kerio to offer their firewall for FREE to non-comercial home users. Lately I have been makeing my own applications useing the Win32 GUI. I now realize the amount of work that programmers put into makeing these programms.

The amount of work they put into this product is amazing.