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Thread: tefs.com passthrough, Rewritig my DNS Suffix?

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    tefs.com passthrough, Rewritig my DNS Suffix?

    I have had those annoying adds that pop up because you updated your internet flash, java, ect., and I have been able to find it on my system and delete them. But recently I have had something that's called "tefs.com\passthrough". Strangly some kind of spyware it rewrites the internet explore homepage to start up every time you start up internet explore. It also rewrites your connection specific DNS suffix for my DSL connection. This has been on my computer for quite a time and I have done everything I can to get it off. My dad as a Computer Networking Professional is very mad and so am I. If you have this too, please respond and if you have any information on removing it I would very much respect your reply.


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    tefs.com redirects to lop.com and a google search for "Live Online Portal spyware removal" tells you that LOP.com is owned be C2media and that AdAware can remove it. So head over to http://lavasoftusa.com and check out AdAware.
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