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Thread: Feds used hacker to foil billion dollar piracy rings...

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    Feds used hacker to foil billion dollar piracy rings...


    And here it goes another good story...

    Federal prosecutors will tell a U.S. District Court in Tampa today of a plea deal with a man they call one of the most skillful pirates of DirecTV and EchoStar signals. The deal includes his agreement to help them crack several international computer-chip-hacking groups. Steven Woida has yet to be formally sentenced on his guilty plea to charges of conspiracy to steal satellite services, and the government will ask at a bond hearing that he be kept jailed for now. It will be the first time officials will spell out in court details of a five-year effort to break up the networks of sophisticated code breakers who have targeted the U.S. satellite industry. By selling codes for smart cards -- the devices that instruct set-top decoders to unscramble satellite TV signals -- hackers have enabled as many as 3 million people to illegally watch DirecTV and EchoStar's Dish Network for free. That amounts to an estimated $4 billion a year in lost revenue for the industry. DirecTV has 11 million paying subscribers. EchoStar has 8 million...
    Full story here


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    8-] that really sucks for him if what he was doing was really illegal. Media never lets us in on full truth they only mislead the masses into believing their story.. Great info still keep it up.

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    heh, I remember when that all happened. The "underground" knew about it as it was happening. Black Sunday was the give away as it was his code that got hit accross the boards but the "other" code that was floating around wasn't hit/hurt.


    it's funny that he helped them so much but they are going to ask that he stays jailed.

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