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    how can i read system files?

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    Uh, could you be a little more specific? What are you trying to do?

    Also, just a side note, this forum is designated for questions about the AntiOnline site itself - just so you'll know in the future.
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    If itís what iím thinking then right click your file and choose to open it with Notepad (for example), but take care you donít check the option to always open this file with Notepad.

    Hope it helps you,


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    well i don't know exactly what made you to ask this but i had come up the same problem when i once tried to open an nfo file.i had come up a message that was saying "cannot open system file" or something like that.
    if you want to open an nfo file just try downloading an nfo reader.it's free and you can also make your own nfos!
    or you can do what dark raider said before me.....

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    amon, good thing you pointed out the .nfo files issue..

    Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP sees .nfo files as their system info files and it is opened with MSINFO

    while most (old) free and shareware software has a .nfo or fileid.diz file.. they are usualy ansi formated text..
    You can open them in Wordpad to view them, but usualy they contain ASCII-ART, and the way to view them correctly on a windows box is to open them with MORE.COM (unix style dos file viewer usualy located in C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\)

    You could also download a viewer, as amon said. Take a look here or here.
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