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Thread: linux newbie question

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    linux newbie question

    i got another computer and it has a sound max integrated digital audio in it and linux recongniz's the card but im not sure that it has the driver for it although under driver it says intel i810, i say that cause when i put a cd in i get no sound, being the linux newbie i am i start searching around and found a site on linux sound architecture but im still very new to the o/s and had no clue how to do anything that it was talking about though it said that its software did support my card. heres the site http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc/ it was the closest thing i found to solving my problem, but i more than open to suggestions.any help would be greatly appriciated.take it easy.

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    just out of curiousity what flavor of linux are you using?

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    Do you have a cable from the audio-out on your cdrom to the sound card?

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    run the sound config file from /sbin
    switch in to root use the "su" command it will promp you for you're root password
    then run /sbin/sndconfig it will come up a configuration screen and it will probe for you're sound card i am not sure where the drivers are kept what flavour of *nix you running if its redhat go to the gnome foot -->programs-->settings--->Multimedia and play around with the sound file also when you run sndconfig it should play a sound sample
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    my advice is too simple!!!
    i got the same sound card as u!!!
    linux;in itd old version did not detect it!!
    if u don't want to come with complicated config and setup just get the latest red hat or mandrake!!!
    u may try to fix it also as showed u prodikal
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