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Thread: Is it possible?

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    Question Is it possible?

    I have an old account on yahoo mail that I do not remember the password or the exact way i put the "secret question's" answer(case sensitive). I tried what I thought was the password, but to no avail. Is it possible to get my password back, or am I out of luck?
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    I'd say you're probably out of luck. You could try contacting Yahoo! customer service. They may have a way to read the answer to your question and you could tell it to them verbally. Unfortunately, I don't think many companies who offer free email spend a whole lot of money on technical support. They figure you'll just get a new address.
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    Do you not remember the alternate email address that was needed when you registered the account? If you could remember that, then they'd just email the password there I believe..
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    There is a way, cant remember exactly how but they will ask you all kinds of questions like, where you live, how old you are and it if all checks out they will issue (automated) a random pw to you.

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    heh. i lost a perfectly good hotmail account that way. probably over my limit by now. the thing was only good for spam anyway.

    move on, get a new email.
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    Yeah just add like an underscore on an extra number to your old account. Tell your friends you changed e-mail addies, they'll understand.

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    the best email service is usually ur isp's. hotmail sux and i don like yahoo tho it ant dat bad. what else is there tho?

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    I guess I'm out of luck then. But thanks.
    If at first you don\'t succeed, try again. Then give up. There is no sense in being ridiculous about things!

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