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Thread: snoop TCP - PEP

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    Post TCP spoofing

    Does anyone of you guys heard of
    PEP Performance Enhancing Proxy, TCP spoofing or snoop TCP open sources?

    Thanks for any info!


    The aim of such protocols is to Enhance TCP connection performances over internet limited links.
    The first guys interested in such tech were from Satellite&Radio industry. Now GPRS & UMTS industries are thinking of it.

    Basically the idea is to optimize TCP sliding windows and avoid TCP slow starts.

    I am wondering if these technos could be accurate for private use (2 ends computer need this techno) for optimum data transfert between 2 end nets or users over the internet.

    See details on PEP http://community.roxen.com/developer...lc-pep-01.html
    TCP snoop & GPRS http://www.gcr.tsc.upc.es/proceeding..._over_GPRS.pdf
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    Nope never heard of it dude

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    It sounds like greater speed on WANS using TCP, i figure its a way to enhance the amount of information thats goes through a pipe, or SAT... Psh hell if i know.... im just guess from the discription
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