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Thread: Linux- put to good use ;)

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    Linux- put to good use ;)

    Now this is what I call a good use of linux! A Linux run Bar-Monkey

    I wonder if I can get one for my house.

    Taken directly from slashdot

    Linux-Based Bar-Monkey
    Posted by timothy on Friday January 10, @12:40PM
    from the no-awkward-tipping-decisions dept.
    An anonymous reader writes "The Bar-Monkey is a bar built around a 486 running linux that can dispense an 8 ounce mixed drink in under 10 seconds. It uses a Matrix Orbital Serial LCD panel with a keypad built into the bar surface for user input. Three Harvey Mudd College students built the bar in their spare time last semester. The bar holds 16 ingredients with which it can currently mix 188 drinks stored in its drink database. Total project cost: $235."
    Try and do that with m$! lol

    Read about its specifics here.
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    I just saw the story, and was considering posting it.

    As far as i'm concerned this is a fantashtic ushe of technoloysssss

    /me goes back to sleep on the bar

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    thats really cool......

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    The cost of 16 liqours: About $200
    Cost in spills due to drunken bartending: Roughly $50
    Cost in building automated mixer: $235
    Price of getting 8oz. in 10 seconds automatically: Priceless. Cool find. Peace.
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