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    Question what books do i read for security related info...

    I am quite familiar with windows......i am really interested in learning about linux,a new computer programing language(which shall i start with),and about some security related information.......what books shall i start with or what websites shall i visit.....anyhelp would really be appreciated...thx..

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    This looks like such a good thread to add some links to so others can benefit. Nice post, Angelus.

    -> If you need help with security, HTML, Windows, Linux, programming, or using specific features of Operating Systems, a series called "Complete" by Sybex, Inc. offers a very large quantity of information. Each book is, from my experience, high quality and is over 1000 pages. And they are $19.95, too, so compared to other more expensive informative books this is a good buy. View the series at http://www.sybex.com

    -> I read a book called "A Complete Hacker's Handbook: Revised And Updated" by Dr-K. It is a very informative book and goes through the basics of computer security and just plain computers. For example, the beginning of the book explains the structures of binary, hexidecimal, and octal. This is a very new book (C 2002) so I highly recommend it.
    ISBN: 1842227246

    -> Hacking Exposed Third Edition: I also own this book. It's practically the Britannica Encyclopedia of computer security and network protection. I would defenately recommend this book, as it is widely known for its great content.
    ISBN: 007219381
    You can also buy this book directly from its authors at http://www.hackingexposed.com

    -> Updated daily if not hourly, OSSR is a computer security organization dedicated to bringing you great news and alerts as soon as it hits the screen. If you are looking to stay as current as possible with computer security and hacking, Open System Security Resources is a site you wouldn't want to miss. http://ossr.phpwebhosting.com

    As I posted previously


    Good luck.
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    I would recommend 'Counterhack' by Ed Skoudis. It is a very good book. 2 thumbs up from me. Here is a link where you can read about it.


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    thx...covert...will look up the book

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    I have been reading:

    * IPSEC - The New Security Standard for the Internet, Intranets, and Virtual Private Networks
    * Firewalls 24/7
    * Hacking Exposed
    * Honeypots Tracking Hackers
    * Inside Internet Security
    * Building Internet Firewalls
    * Encryption Techniques with BASIC and C++ (a few years old - but still good)
    Also, several Linux books: Linux Network Administrator's Guide, Linux Programming, etc.

    I would recommend the first four books most of all. For Linux I like the O'Reilly books.

    Hope this helps.....even if just a bit.

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    Maxium Security is also an excellent book. but as far as coding is concern just go with whatever comes to your mind that how I started. Sooner or later you'll learn that one language it not right for every task.

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    Best learning linux book I have seen is,

    The Rute users tutorial and exposition.

    it is also available for free online in several places.

    As far as security goes, there have been several books mentioned above which are very good.

    Can't help with coding books.

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    Here's a great site to learn about security, unfortunetly it's not free. I was lucky enough that my my company shelled out da loot. Most of the classes are defiently worth the money. Good luck!!


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