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Thread: Control Panel Access thru the Web?

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    Control Panel Access thru the Web?

    While googling around I came across an explanation for giving users access to the Windows Control Panel through a Website .. If ya wanna read the article its here :

    I thought this was a pretty bad idea and could'nt really see how the pro's outweighed the cons...

    Just wondering what everyone thinks...

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    Well I think that wherever there's a control panel there's an alternative. Personally, on my hosting account I have a control panel. Some people on my staff team that use windows personally like it, but I don't. The only thing I can imagine it useful for is some of its features, like DNS management. But who needs a GUI file manager when you can use FTP? Who would want to upload one file at a time when they can select 50 and have them uploading one after another without having to select them all at different times? All I know is, I don't.

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    Well I can see maybe it could be usefull in a corporate enviornment as a support tool. It might be nice for a technician to be able to connect and check settings for a users PC from another building.

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