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Thread: Windows XP problem!

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    Windows XP problem!

    Ok i need some help om this one:

    Whe have a as/400 down here. People use iseries access (client access) v5r1m0 to emulate as/400 on their pc. A programmer here did an application to tranfer some files from the 400 to the 2000 server. Problem is when we execute it from iseries on windows xp, the application doesn't finish. After doing some research we discovered that the problem seems to happen when the iseries attempts to execute an apps wich is on the 2000 server using the xp credentials. Everything works just fine on 9X and 2000 but xp doesn't seem to let iseries execute on the mapped drive with his credentials.

    Anybody knows if there's some sort of virus protection in win xp wich would prevent apps from running commands with the current user credentials?

    Thank you!

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    It may be the program has issues with XP. Try setting the compatability mode for a different operating system. This can be done by right clicking the program and going to the Compatability tab. Try different settings.

    Good luck
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    I've worked with a similar setup, though never had a problem with XP at all connecting to and working with the as400 or even emulating it.

    I agree with the compatablility workaround mmelby suggested.

    This has worked for me with numerous applications.
    Its worth a shot.

    I did have some problems keeping mapped drives on xp to a win2k server. It seems that the old kixtart scripts don't like xp all that much and was causing some authentication issues for me. New version of kixtart and a new script fixed that right up.

    You can also use a run as option on a program. You can set alternative user credentials if you think there is a problem with authentication.

    right click on program/shortcut you want to run with alternative credentials, click run as.
    Sometimes that option is not there. You may have to hold shift and right click.

    NOTE: You can only do this if you have the secondary logon service running.
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