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    K, Antionliners.....
    Can You suggest, that how mush is Java playing role in today's it industry.

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    I program in Java. 'Nuff said.
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    It's a very powerful option to chose, even more if you want to use it when programming things that you will use online, as games, animations, chats, etc. that need to load quickly.

    If you can, take a lot at pogo.com, join as a new member, and play Need for Speed made in Java. The work these guys made it's awesome!!! Check it out.


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    Thanx, For the reply
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    Java today, is a language that you would use more to write server side programs than for stand-alone stuff or applications. That said, if you want something more powerful than Flash, and with a syntax similar to C++, then Java's your best bet. For more on server-side programming with Java check out Tomcat at http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat

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    There is a great deal of server-side Java used in the big players, especially in very critical applications like banking.

    Of course you don't see this as Java applets in your browser, but it is there.

    The areas Java is used most in, is the ones you can least see - there are quite a lot of client/server Java applications in banks and other big companies. Because of its maturity, security and the heavyweight companies behind it (IBM, BEA, Borland and Sun), Java is still the main platform for these. Banks etc, don't trust Microsoft and don't want to be locked in to a specific product (but ironically, are being locked in by Java, as it is just as proprietry as .NET even though some of the licences are more relaxed)

    Also I believe some mobile phones now have Java in, but I'll have to investigate (sounds cool, can have downloadable games etc)

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    With java, a programmer doesn't have to write seperate codes (for a program) for each OS. One code runs on all platforms. This helps reduce the headache and speeds the development process.
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    I'm with slarty on this:

    Java is powerfull yet stricter than C++, is well adapted to web services and transactionnal systems, is rather safe (no buffer over flows, string format vulns...), has a pretty clean syntax, and scales rather well (when designed right), is easy to maintain if done right, and the last but not the least, is portable.

    Like slarty said, it's used alot on online banking systems, online shopping... sites that need a strong backend to function...

    (hints like urls that contain "/servlet/" or end in ".jsp" means they use java servlets and/or java server pages (jsp) )

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