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Thread: Problem with Internet Explorer.

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    Question Problem with Internet Explorer.

    On my mom's computer, I have been having problems with Internet Explorer. It's like this, I am surfing the web right. If, for some reason, I have more than one Explorer window open for like more than 5 seconds, at least one of them, (usually the first window I had open) stops responding. Now, of course, I alt-clt-delete, and end the task, and it closes all explorer windows I have open. Now, I have no clue how this happened, and it started happening a while back. It gets really annoying, and I was wondering if anyone has had some similar problems, and does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? ( By the way, sorry for the earlier post about phreaking boxes.Didn't know it would offend so many people....)

    I forgot to include, I am running Windows XP home edition.

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    You might want to just un-install the current version and re-install the same one again, or just upgrade a better version. There can be no specific reason for this, you might just have offended Bill Gates
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    LOL....I wouldn't doubt it...
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    This is a listing of issues related to IE
    You should refine you search to Windows XP (where it says 'select a Microsoft product' scroll down and highlight Windows XP) This will give you IE issues related with XP.

    Windows XP info
    It's a simple entry screen for searching Microsoft's Windows XP database.

    This is just a start of where to look. I also hope this isn't some attempt at being lazy and shoving off your problems to other users, so they do the research and make your life a **** load easier. I tend to try all avenues before I ask technical questions in here...key word being 'try'.
    You may have started off on the wrong foot with that other post about red box, and I for one didn't neg you there, nor here. I guess all I'm saying is (bite tongue)....do the research, then ask.
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    You can solve your problem with one simple word.....MOZILLA. It uses less resources than IE, allows you to turn off pop ups, and utilizes tabbed browsing. Try it for a week and you'll never want to see a blue "e" again in your life.

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    thx allenb 1963 for mozilla been looking for it, but unknown soli3r try netscape if U still having problems

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    With ie you never know what to expect, a seg fault, memory dump, or any other bsod occurence..... A not -responding window is nothing. It could be a registry problem, however mostly unlikely. Kernel could be the case, but also possibly, like invader inferred, just a bad install. Like he said fully uninstall it, install ie6 and get the new service packs. If you have more problems after that, i recommend a reinstall of windows...

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