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    It's my understanding that Windows is not a "true" operating system but just rather just a "shell" that sits on top of dos.

    I think (correct me if I'm wrong - I know you will) that XP is a true OS.

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    I think (correct me if I'm wrong - I know you will) that XP is a true OS.
    Mathgirl32: You are correct. At least, that has always been my understanding. 2k also fits into the same category as XP.
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    the first o/s i ever had experience with would have been a MAC at school, didnt really like it, my first windows o/s was win 3.11 / DOS 6.22, ive used every m/s o/s except for ME and ive also used redhat and IRIX (SGI UNIX) as well

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    Hmmm, I feel the age coming out here.

    When I was @ 13 My father went out and spent £3000 on a PC XT, this monster of modern computing had 2 5" floppy disk drives (no HDD) (I still have the machine tho I spent a not inconsiderable time modding the case to get a slightly more powerful pair of Athlon MPs into it)

    anyway this machine ran Dos 2.whatever
    over the years I have played with most of the versions of DOS
    Windows 2, 3.1, 3.11, 9X, NT, 2000, and XP
    Novell 2, 3, 4 and 5
    HPUX, SCO unix, nextstep 3.1 and some weird s**t IBM mainframe operating system.

    I hope that answers your question.


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    My first expeirence had to be with Apple computers, and that turtle program. The first OS I actually learned though was DOS, with Hard Disk Menu as a sort of graphical interface, even though it was all cell character graphics.
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    My first ever OS was dos 6.22 with Windows 3.1 sitting on top of it. Then came Windows 95, then Red Hat 4.0, then I kinda gave up on Linux for a while and graduated to Windows 98. Later I installed Red Hat 5 and liked it. So after that I've always run a dual boot with Windows and Linux. At the moment I'm using Red Hat 7.3 and Windows XP Pro. I'm currently toying with the idea of installing Slackware.
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    My first experience was on a Mac (when the first all-in-one goldfish bowls came out in 1984). I had a done a little programming on a Commodore 64 (Basic basic.. ). From there got into DOS (and DBase II/III), Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98 and Mac OS 6-9 and some VMS/VAX on the side. Then onto NT, Novell and Solaris. Red Hat and Yellow Dog (Linuxes) both followed shortly thereafter. Then some Win2K and recently some XP. Today I spend more time on Redhat 7.3 and Mac than any other OS.
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    Originally posted here by ii-monk
    Windows 3.11 it was one of the first windows.
    and therefor they immediatly called it 3.11?

    Microsoft introduced Windows 3.11 (or also called Windows For Workgroups) in 1992 that's almost 10 years after the first Windows release in 1983. Yes, 1983!

    The first Windows was just called "windows" and was announced in November 1983, then the 'usual' followers came: Microsoft Windows 1.0 was released November, 1985.
    Microsoft Windows 2.0 was released April, 1987, Microsoft Windows 3.0 was released May, 1990. Microsoft Windows 3.0 with multimedia was released October, 1991. Microsoft Windows 3.1 was released April, 1992 and sells more than 1 Million copies within the first two months of its release. Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.1 was released October, 1992.
    Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 was released August, 1993.
    You can get more Win OS history from here: http://www.computerhope.com/history/windows.htm

    Interesting is that there was another GUI concept not mac not windows but GEM from Digital Research. Didgital was aware of the advantages of a GUI and the short commings of CP/M and developed GEM. GEM was windows alike but looked more like Mac OS (Lisa) and besides it was even better than the windows at that time. The concept and use was almost like Win 95. Remember we are still in the 80's !

    My dad had GEM running on a box. It was a little odd cause we had a CGA screen and the icons were big. The mouse was a freaky new technology. Ha and btw, Digital Research also developed DR-DOS, but like you all know MS-DOS became the standard. (MS studied Q DOS very well )

    MY own first "pc" steps where on a Texas Instruments TI99/4A, TI Extended Basic
    some nfo on TI99's http://www.99er.net/ti.shtml

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    I started with Q Dos on a epson with a 8082 processor then moved up to 3.0 dos on the same machine. that was when I learned how to program in basic and write my own drawing programs> I wanted to plot airfoil shapes for RC aircraft.
    Then I got away from computers to raise a family
    Next came windows It had a gui <wow> and a mouse ( 3.1 I think )---1983 or 84
    Then another long break
    Then win 98
    now 98, SuSe 7.2, XP, novell 5.0-5.5-6.0, cisco routers and switches(some sort of next level basic I think)
    Things sure have changed !
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    My first learning experience was back in the mid 80's on the old school Apple computers. We had command lists that we had to memorize to run programs, which eventually advanced into the BASIC language at more depth as we became more and more familiar with these commands.

    (Anyone remember playing Oregon Trail and Lemonade Stand? I got nostalgic and downloaded the Apple II emulator to see them again. )

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