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    First os I touched was of an apple computer, I don't know how it was called and I also didn't bother. After that I came in touch with something I remember as TOS on an atari... after that I used some terminal like system, wich was unix based and then DOS... after dos the whole thing came windows 3.1 95 then I moved to redhat. I don't know in what order, but then came all stuff like win 98 98se me 2000 xp, open free net BSD, unix netware and blabla linux gentoo mandrake slackware lycoris uhu etc etc. and some "special" os's like beos menuetos and lot's of others I didn't really look into... pfew
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    The first OS I started to 'master' was DOS 5.0 and OS/2 2.x.

    I had a three node BBS running with the good help of OS/2 on a 486 DX2/66 with 16mb ram and 420mb hdd, that was a powerfull toy (and expensive) at the time .

    I hanged on for a long time to OS/2 and even upgraded to Warp and PC-DOS 7.0 before I switched to Windows. I made the switch first when they released Win98 and when the future for OS/2 seemed doomed.

    Except that have I played with many different OSs, almost to many to count.

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    My first computer was a TI-{something}. It was 1981/82 and I got to keep it in my room. I was about 12, then and I thought having that computer in my room was the coolest thing in the world!! I remember my dad showed me how I could do those really simple programs:
    let a = 1
    let b = 2
    run a + b
    it was something like that but I don't remember, exactly, anymore. I would sit for hours and mess with it.

    The other cool thing (and I REALLY loved this) was this text game where you had to like find your way out of a desert or something like that. It would start out saying something like 'You awake to find yourself on a cot in a tent.' Then you would have to type really explicit commands. For example: 'Look around tent' and the program would respond: 'In front of you is a trunk, to the left is a box.', etc....the object was to find your way out of the desert or where ever you happened to be. LOVED that game, spent hours on it.

    I guess the first "OS" I had was windows 3.11. I remember thinking I was so cool because it for workgroups. Just a note: I was soooo not cool.

    Then I bought an internal modem for it and installed it myself so I could get on the internet for the first time - this was back in......1993, I think. The internet was allllll text BABY!!!

    I found this cool link if you want to look up old computers.

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    My first computer experience was on an Amiga2000 in 91. it had Workbench 3.0, AutoCad, 2 floppy drives and I dunno about the processor, etc.

    Then a couple of years later, I bought a Tandy with a 386/20(25?) with Win 3.1 and Dos 5.5 with a 50 meg hdd and 4 megs of memory. I had that machine for many years.

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    itd have to be the good ol dos 5.5 on a junk box with a tv for a monitor back in 1990 or so... i used to play sesame street for hours on end

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    Sultan, WA

    Cool OS started on

    I first got to know MS-DOS 6.22/Win 3.1 on an old AST 486DX2/66 (AST Adventure 6066d). I do also remember the editing of config.sys and autoexec.bat files to get my MS-DOS games to have enough conventional memory. I messed with CP/M with the Commodore computers (Commodore 64 and Commodore 128D), but got really no where with it.

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    You guys might think this is wierd, but when I was a lot younger, some ten years back, I remember my dad showing me his CPM O/S. That was really the first OS I used, but I didn't do much, so I guess it was really Windows 3.11 that I used after my dad got a new computer. Then I got my own Win95

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    man win 98, played with it's registry for about a year then was the 1st then learn DOS, 200, XP, and play around with slackware. but not enough to navigate around with the cli. Still learning;-)

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    First OS I learned was on a Mac, I learned everything about it how to sculpt and change and edit and all kinds of things, then I progressed to windoze and *nix. Still nothing as classic as my classic mac and then the mac se I have sitting in a basement somewhere
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    First computing experience was at school. They showed me LOGO on a BBC computer and then I went on and played with BASIC on there. They also had some Acorn computers, but was never really impressed with those.

    At home learnt QBasic and got to know DOS quite well, Windows 3.1 was on our first home computer but I spent as much time in DOS/QB as I did anywhere else. DOS seemed more appealing...

    Over the years I've known most releases on Windows. More recently I'm trying to get deeper into Linux. I'm kinda getting their...slowly.

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