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    C64's basic was the first OS I learnt

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    The first OS I really became familiar with was the system for the PDP 9/15 in the late '60s. I broke the binary of the bootloader back into assembler code and rewrote it to boot from a drum (as I recall it had the huge capacity of 200K 18 bit words). I had previously programmed on IMB 1401s, 7094s, and 360s, but didn't really learn the operating system. I wrote device drivers for PDP 11s using their RSX-11 series of OS's and actually wrote a very simple network operating system for internal use in our lab. I have worked in CPM and several operating systems that ran on the Atari 800, started with MS DOS with version 1.0 and have progressed through Windows from 1.0 through Win XP Pro most recently.

    After reading the rest of the posts here, I feel really old.

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    My first OS was on a old mac... ummm I forget which because the PC was so old and it was so many years ago but it was hardly a OS. There was basicly nothing on the PC but dust and a command language similar to DOS. There was no mouse either.... just a keyboard sticking out of this small yellow looking box and it couldn't hold alot of data unless you use a floppy that was larger than the size of CD when I say large I mean very big in size not memory heheheh. Then years later I got my first PC and I was so happy I named it Windy it was a windows 95 lol I still have windy, and a few years after that my parents bought about 3 of XPs.

    Im currently siting on my bed with a toshiba satellight running a XP OS with a P4 1.5GHz, 256 RAM, DVD/CD-RW combo drive, 14.1 diagonal TFT active matrix display, and a 20GB HD. My toshiba beats the crap out of my old MAC and windy95 days.

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