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Thread: remote boot/shutdown

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    Unhappy remote boot/shutdown

    im having a problem, i have win xp and when i shut down the computer, it stays off for a minute or so then boots back up again. i think someone might be remotely powering up my pc, but im not sure. if someone could help me out with this id be greatly apreciated

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    Go off into your registry and disable it. I forgot where but http://www.winguides.com
    there U can find where to disable that option in your reg.


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    maybe you have Wake On Lan support

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    there could be a number of things that is doing this. try the displayed options and if nothing works tell us what programs you run.
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    Are you in a LAN? I have had the same problem when learning to use the WOL (Wake On LAN), i don't know why but, for example, i turned off one of my PCs and kept working with the other, but then when i shuted down this, then the other (the one that was shuted down) turned on its own self alone. It seems the LAN received the signal and made it turn on. So, just in case (and although you aren't in a LAN and if you hae network card) go to Control Panel/System/Hardware/Devices Manager/Network Adapters/right click on your network card and choose properties/energiy managing [or something similar (sorry but my WinXP is in spanish)] and there check or uncheck the options there. Just try different ways checking and unchecking these options until you fix the problem (if possible).

    Is it your home PC? Do you have programs like pcAnywhere?
    Try running a program like Norton SystemWorks or similars and do a complete scan of your system looking for errors.
    You could update your WindowsXP (Service Pack 1 included if you want).

    OK, bye.


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    From my experiance, i hade this problem with my shutdown command. I copyed it again from the windows 2000 disk and now it works

    hope that helps
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