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Thread: Motorcycle? from hell...

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    Motorcycle? from hell...

    0-60 in 2.5 seconds....
    Top speed of 300+ mph...
    A one piece aluminum frame wrapped around a 500 hp Dodge Viper V-10....
    and it's a motorcycle.
    I've never seen anything like this, and at this point am wondering if anyone can tell me where Chrysler stores their concept vehicles [evil grin].

    Grab the video stream from here.

    Look to the right for the Tomahawk concept motorcycle link.
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    Yeh, Somebody sent this to me yesterday. VERY COOL.
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    i saw this ad in the paper once...

    for sale, suzuki hayabusa aka "the widowmaker"
    1.3 litre 4-stroke
    0-60 2.2 seconds
    top speed 200+
    better you than me
    i think it does about 90mph in first gear. it's almost like having your own personal guided missile.
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    That motorcycle looks really, really wicked. I wonder what something like that will go for... I can easily guess at least $100,000.

    It sure looks sexy though... *drools*

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    That's a strange looking bike, not that anyone will notice how it looks when its going 300 or anything Good post, though.

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