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    Cool Missing Beatles tapes recovered

    I was looking at Google news and read original studio tapes of the Beatles were recovered after almost 30 years:Story here

    The long-awaited break came, London Detective Superintendent Kieron Sharp said, when the suspected music pirates tried to sell them. Otherwise, he added, it was unlikely police would have found out where the tapes were being held, which turned out to be in the Netherlands.

    Among those arrested was a man and a woman believed to have been employed at the Beatles' Abbey Road studios in London at the time of the tapes disappeared in the early 1970s. Police said they were apprehended after a man met two undercover detectives and offered to return the originals to EMI at a price.

    At the same time, London police said, three Netherlanders with some of the tapes were arrested in an Amsterdam suburb by Dutch authorities. Police moved in when the man in London and those in the Netherlands agreed by mobile phone to complete the sale.

    Authorities said "a substantial amount of tapes" was recovered, as well as large quantities of other Beatles memorabilia missing from the band's record company, Apple.
    What's funny about this is it would have been almost a "perfect crime" if these people did not try to sell the tapes to a legit company.

    Also, investigators were suspicious because pirate copies of never before released tracks were showing up...

    Ever since the tapes vanished, rumors and reports of their existence have circulated, fueled by evidence that emerged periodically in the form of "pirate" versions. Music authorities said the emergence of compact discs in the early 1990s made pirating much easier and that black market copies, in packs of up to 30 volumes, had become increasingly available.
    Well, let's just be glad the tapes are now in the owners' hands. This is definately one for the record books.


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    The tapes should make some interesting listining. The thieves were caught the way thieves are always caught, their greed.

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