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Thread: On-line port testing

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    On-line port testing

    These online port testers are giving people a false sense of complacency imho. They trust that
    an online service will check their f/w and fully trust the results of said scan. What they should
    be doing rather is learning the conventions of tcp/ip and performing said scans on themselves
    via nmap/superscan/... To feel as safe and fuzzy because grc.com tells you so is a perhaps
    fatal online mistake. Learn your system and how the stack works.

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    A better solution to check his own vulnerabilities than with those online tests, is to try a software specifically dedicated to the task like Nessus.
    And, as Don said, knowing correctly (who said "perfectly"?) and monitoring its system is always the best protection.
    Life is boring. Play NetHack... --more--

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