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Thread: NIC conflict

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    Just a quick scenario for you.

    You are using m$ on a network of class C with a "residental gateway" in a workgroup called "workgroup".

    PC1 net config

    PC name "Computer1" (also the netbios name)
    gateway (Only if you have broadband and are using a router, the "residental gateway")

    PC2 net config

    PC name "Computer2" (also the netbios name)
    gateway (Only if you have broadband and are using a router, the "residental gateway")

    If you are on broadband, don't forget to put in your ISPs DNS server addresses... or you get no naming resolution! Most of the time, your router will handle this for you, but some of the older "residential gateways" require you to actually enter the DNS into your network config.l

    Check to see that in network neighborhood you have the same workgroup on both PCs.
    If you are using XP or 2k, expect to have the same user ids and passwords on both PCs.

    As long as you have the correct drivers loaded you should be able to ping back and forth or connect to shares, or use other resources.

    You check your network settings by going to ms-dos prompt and typing

    c:\ipconfig /all

    that should list everything except for your workgroup.

    Again, that is just a scenario...

    Good luck!
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    Thanx VictorKaum,

    ok now we're getting somewhere. i't's 01:00 now so i'll try it out 2morrow but it's something i haven't thought of, i'll get back to you when i try it.

    good thinking =P

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    Go into the network settings and set BOTH machines to 10mb/half duplex and see if they link and can talk. Also, disable ANY firewall software etc that you have running on BOTH machines. Configure netmask on machine1 and netmask on machine2. If this works.. crank them both up to 100mbs/full duplex (if both NICs can do it).

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