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Thread: Opera and cookies?

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    Post Opera and cookies?

    I love opera for viewing the internet. i think it is great. but when i use IE i can save all my passwords and let it sign me in to pages like hotmail and AO, but i cant do the same thing with opera, how can i make opera automatically save the cookies and all the rest of the thing IE does.

    i have all cookies enabled and all the rest but it still dont work?


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    This feature is unrelated to cookies. Some browsers (including Internet Explorer and Galeon) have a password-saving feature. AFAIK, Opera 6 does not have this feature (although version 7 may (it's out for Windows in Beta only))

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    When i saw the topic of the post on the main page, i was wondering if you were talking about going to the opera and eating cookies lol
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    Opera beta 7 has its own password manager, which I think is much better than IE's.

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