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    Post 162- system options not set

    This is the error message I get during boot up. After that every thing appears to be normal until after message loading xp pro. Then I get 3 boxes pop up and it says out of range set resolution lower. So then I am forced to reboot. I reboot into safe mode and go to my display properties. My resolution is as low as it can go. But when I hook up my parent's monitor I still get the error message but it boots up just fine and I can use it. Also my monitor works fine with my parents computer. Any idea what is causing this and how to fix it. Sorry if this is confusing. Thanks


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    Hmm... sounds like a driver problem. There is one important thing, if you boot into safe mode, your resolution is aways at 640x480(that's the lowest WinXP can go). However, try this: Boot into safe mode or vga mode, and right click on the desktop and select "Properties". Click on the "Settings" tab and click the button that says "Advanced". Go to "Adapter" and say "List all Modes" that way, you can set your resolution to less than 800x600. This might work. Also, try getting the latest drivers for your monitor (Actually, your monitor shouldn't even require a driver unless it's really old). One more thing, since you still get an error when you connect your parents' monitor, the problem could also be with your display card. Try getting updated drivers for that too.
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