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Thread: RIAA defaced -again!

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    Wink RIAA defaced -again!

    The link: http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/55/28817.html

    The RIAA is a special target for hackers so they do get tons of extra hacking attempts then would normally be expected but it seems its just one hack after another. We don't see other sites like www.whitehouse.gov or www.microsoft.com getting hacked on a regular bases. This just re-enforces my theory that the RIAA just doesn’t get the internet.

    RIAA defaced -again!
    By Drew Cullen
    Posted: 11/01/2003 at 22:06 GMT

    Reader reports are flooding in that the RIAA.org has been defaced - again. At time of writing, the site appears to be down, And several readers have been kind enough to include screen grabs, showing that the front page today carried the following message.

    RIAA - 0wn3d by.... ;p
    oooh riaa want's to hack Filesharing Users / Servers ? - better lern to secure your own server...
    Sorry Admin - had to deactivate ur accounts - they'll be reactivated after 2 hours

    greetz : Rage_X, BRAiNBUG, SyzL0rd, BSJ, PsychoD + all the others who want to stay anonymous :]
    wanna contact ? mailto:h4x0r0815@mail.ru

    Underneath the greets, there is a list of RIAA 'recommended' file-sharing tools, such as KaZaA and eDonkey. Downloads from these sites are 'sponsored by www.riaa.org'.

    The RIAA site has been hacked four times in recent months. Surely, they should have figured out how to put a stop to this by now? ®
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    Well according to Netcraft... RIAA uses IIS/5 on a W2K Box of some sort...
    An easy hack by any means
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    Thats pretty funny that they posted a review of file sharing applications. I can only image the string of profanity that ensued when the admin found out what happened, or better yet saw the page himself. They also did make a valid point, if the RIAA wants to hack into filesharing networks, they should first learn to defend their one machines. All in all, it was still in bad taste in my oppinion, cause it will be used by the RIAA to label file sharers as criminals, and what not, which only hinders things further.
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    the RIAA should better secure their own machines first. Or maybe is a threat of a Lazy Admin not ensuring there site is totally secure ..............:grins:an shakes his head. Security should be a site top concern .

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