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Thread: S-Video Problem

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    S-Video Problem

    I hooked up my computer to my Tv through S-Video. I then set the TV as the primary display device. I go to play a movie with Divx and it looks perfectly fine on the TV, however when I make it full screen, the movie goes slanted in various parts(and it never did this before)

    It seems that the movie isn't shaping to the TV correctly.

    Any ideas?
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    What video card do you have? Have you tried updating your drivers to the last ones?

    Try to watch the movie using a RCA audio/video cable and see if it makes the same problem.



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    I too have had problems with this. But mine was set as secondary, not primary.
    I have a Nvida Gforce 4 w/ all the goodies and output options.

    I fixed my problem with setting the resolution differently so the tv will understand that format.

    It took me some trial and error to get it to work, so I can't tell you the resolution to use.
    All of em are different.

    I would also recommend getting the latest drivers.
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