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    Arrow Computer Terms

    I found this in my old binder of printed out computer papers; I printed this out a while ago and I forgot the author. I didn't think posting this would be getting false credit because under my name it doesn't say 'tutorials made' but 'tutorials posted', and I am posting this. So here you go, a list of some basic computer terms. Maybe it'll help some way

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    good terms

    Those are good computer terms, thanks.

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    Silentstalker: While that list is very good, there are too many terms to fit into one list.

    Whatis.com and the jargon files on AO are way more extensive.

    There are several more places to get info like this. But those are the ones I use most frequently.

    Anywho, thanks for the list and I'll add it to the rest that I keep in my database.
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