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Thread: Two PC Connections to Blueyonder..

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    Two PC Connections to Blueyonder..

    Hi Addicts / Senior Members and Close to being Banned boys,[/glowpurple]

    I am a newbie help me!!
    Ok it goes like this.been working in computers for years, Selling Firewalls, AntiVirus, PCs, URL Filters and threat assessment kit.

    Ive now got to pcs at home both running windows 98 and 2000, I have a Cable Blue Yonder connection and want to share it between the two pcs.
    My question is how do I hook them up so I can use both PCs on the internet at the same time?
    1.) Do I need a hub OR a switch or are they the same thing?

    2.) I havent got a firewall so what do I do about the Dynamically assigned IP from my ISP? Do I need to employ NAT?

    3.) Thirdly and this is really dubious but the modem provided by my ISP is a Webstar cable modem,
    It has three ports:
    One goes out to the internet (cable coax type thing)
    One (RJ45) connects the first pc to the cable modem
    The third port (USB) according to the manual can be used by a third pc to connect up to the internet.

    Can I trust the manual? Is it lying to me?

    If you can use the USB port (not that I want to) will it slow the pcs connection the web? Also the second PC is about 10 meters away, Can you buy a 10 meter USB Cable?

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    Best thing to do in this situation is do what a lot of home users are doing - just purchase a decent home router with a hub or switch (no, they are not the same thing), hook your cable modem to the switch, then wire all of your PC's to the switch or hub. The switch will perform NAT, so you really aren't concerned with your dynamic public IP address.

    I personally use the the BEFSR41 switch from Linksys and it works great. It is a router with a 4-port switch. It will act as a decent firewall, but you still may want to run desktop firewalls on each of your PC's just for some added safety.

    I personally wouldn't run a second PC via USB to the cable modem - for an easy-to-swallow price for the router (ie < $100), you get a solution that is easy to wire and get setup, plus you get the security benefits that the router can provide to you.
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    Re: Two PC Connections to Blueyonder..

    Originally posted here by VicE$DoS$

    The third port (USB) according to the manual can be used by a third pc to connect up to the internet.
    i thought u had 2pc's ... anyway

    if i understand correctly u have a pc which has a broadband connection and u want to add one pc and share this connection.

    can't you just get 2 nic's (one for each pc) then get 10m worth of cat5 (premade is nice and easy and yes u can get 10m worth) ... "cat5e" if u can get ur hands on it ... and sare your internet connection, i don't see why this wont work?

    this would mean a total cost of about $50 AU if you had to buy all the parts urself (2 NIC's and 10m cat5)

    hope i helped out

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    Hey VicE$DoS$,
    If you ever decide to do some file-sharing between the 2000 and 98 workstation, you might have to make a change to the 2000 box. If you have an NTFS filesystem for 2000, then you have to create a Windows 2000 user with the same user name as the 98 workstation. That user also needs permission to the shares. I only mention this because after I began sharing my connection, I wanted to share some files, but it took me awhile to figure this part out. Also, make sure you have a good firewall installed! Good luck!
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