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Thread: what ports?

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    I hope I didn't come off too strong, I was just simply warning... We all have to watch what we say so that others won't misinterpret our intentions -or at least I do ;-)

    As far the programs question: Most of them look for specific things, programmed rules looking for vulnerabilities, exploits, et cet era... But most kiddies don't fully understand what a lot of these programs do, this is why some kids not knowing much, can cause a lot of trouble. One case might be: "Mafia Boy" - from what i understand he wasn't that l33t... just another reason to keep up with exploits and patches/updates...

    btw- great questions...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    yeah tampabay420 is right! there seems to have been a major change of attitude here in the past year or so. anything you say that might indicate you would use these programs against another will get you banned. the only type of hacking that’s condoned is testing on your own box. to say you use hacking programs is saying you’re a script kiddie with the same result...bye, bye!

    a person trying to break into your machine would scan to see which services you have running and look for the appropriate exploit.
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