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Thread: Does AO look weird under Opera instead of IE?

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    Question Does AO look weird under Opera instead of IE?

    I started useing opera for all my web browsing and AO seems to look funny. along with other site like hotmail they all seem to be displaced in some way. is there a way i can fix this or do i just have to put up with it?
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    I also recently downloaded the Opera web browser to try. Antionline looks ok to me acept for a few minor things. Underneath Your Acount on the main page, the sub section Earned Site Benifits seems not to have the 1 pixle border. I also use the Avant browser, it has always displayed antionline corectly, yet since yesterday I noticed sometimes I have to0 reload the page a few times, as sometimes the layout is squashed in the center, and the left column goes out further. I know that AO has been makeing alot of changes, but I dont know if that is any part of it.

    However there exists an issue with browser wars, where big name companys such as Netscape develop a new web technology, then other compeeting companys such as Microsoft, build suport for this new web technology, but to comply with copyright and to add their own uniqueness to it, make it difernt, thus one browser ends up suporting something that the other doesnt, as an example, CSS (Casscadeing Style Sheets) seem to have compatibility problems with compeeting Browsers. Web developers have to somehow work with these difernces and compatibility problems. If I were to make a web page useing CSS, I would problably have beter luck with browser compatibility if I use CSS version 1. Browser compatibility is a ongoing issue that I dont think will ever fully go away. Standards organizations are there to address these kinds of issues but unfortunatly there is no law that states you must adhere to the standards set out. Hopefuly in the future developers will sort out some of these difernces and work more as a team. However if we did not have these difernces then the consumers would not have much variety to choose from. Im not sure exactly what AO looks like in your browser, maybe try refreshing the page a few times, or restarting the browser to see if the problem goes away. But unfortunately I dont think there is much you can do about it.
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    Much worse than presentation issues, I've found that posting on AO doesn't work properly in Opera sometimes (I won't vouch for which version, OS, or if AO have since fixed it)

    The presentation seemed acceptable to me (if not identical to other browsers)

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    Under Mozilla (latest build), IE (latest build again), and Netscape (I don't gotta say it), AO work's perfectly, maybe a resolution thing I can fix, but nothing with the browser. However, with Opera, I've found that alot of tables on the page containing links are wide spread from their respected links and (like slarty said) posting issue's arise. Good eye though, I usually use Mozilla while on AO.
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