i have a dedicated red hat 7.2 installed on a computer with all the servers and stuff...... what i want is that the two other of my pc's that are presently running on win, be made dual boot with linux as one of the partition , but the login etc should be handled by my dedicated pc.

to explain in detail at the login prompt the kernel shud check for passwords on the dedicated mac, and after the login the users should get loged ito the "REMOTE MACHINE", they should be accessing the files etc. saving stuff using aplications all from the remote machine.. nothing should be done on the machine from where ur logging from.

( the remote machine is the dedicated server )

i tried a crude method of writing the rlogin host -l user in the rc4.d file (of the dual boot mac)... this prompted user for a password at the run time on supplying the current password the user will be logged in the remote computer... this obviously was very crude and didnt solve the purpose .. hope u ppl could give me more ideas

the dedicated machine is actually a complete red hat install as a server... the other machines are yet to be partitioned (actully i did partition one mac)