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Thread: Very nice firewall on live cd

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    Very nice firewall on live cd

    I was browsing through linux.org one night and as i was looking at all the different linux distros available i stumbled onto a linux firewall on a live cd. I liked the idea of running a box off a cd without any harddrive (advantage of read only ;-) ), so i downloaded it and tried it out. At first i had major problems trying to configure its routing and solved the problem with bridging the ethernet cards. Now the firewall runs very nicely and it does not have any ip adress (no routing in a network sense). The firewall is called devil linux ( www.devil-linux.org ) and i thought i'd share this happy moment with you. Its up and running smoothly. All i had to configure was the iptables rules. This firewall does need a certain stage of network and iptables knowledge to setup, but once setup, its great. I highly recomend it for people who have the means of dedicating a computer for a firewall for any LAN enviroment. Give it a try, its fun to setup and its really nice.


    Oh, by the way......since its got no ip address, i connect to it (remote administration) through ttyS01 using hyperterminal. Its really great, no keyboard or monitor needed, and no running daemons of any kind. Its worth a look for all you network and firewall gurus out there.

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    You could also try Gibraltar.. http://www.linuxiso.org
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