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Thread: Intel expected to boost chip bus speed...

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    Intel expected to boost chip bus speed...


    Good news for Pentium fans!!!

    In an effort to make its Pentium chips run even faster, Intel likely will release a new chipset, or bus, for Pentium 4 PCs in the next few months, according to industry insiders. Dubbed "Springdale," the new chipset will have a bus speed of 800 MHz -- markedly faster than Pentium's current top bus speed of 533 MHz...
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    Thats it, time for me to upgrade Kinda scary how I just got this computer not even two years ago and now the BUS speed on the new chips are almost as fast as my main processor speed (933 MHz). Intel makes great chips in my opinion, however, I think with my next upgrade, I may go to AMD for a change, just for the heck of it.
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    Time to upgrade, big fan of Intel
    thanks, *wanders if there is a bug in it

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    well, that's the bad thing in using laptop , u buy it and get stucked to it ..
    but, I am a big fan of Intel and HP-PA
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