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Thread: virii u cant delete?

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    virii u cant delete?

    I dled the "achtung" keylogger from the dls here and its not a keylogger its a trojan horse program. i used norton thinking itll do its job but it wont repair quarantine or delete the damn thing. wtf do u do when u cant delete it with ur antivirus? i need help i cant open **** on my desktop.

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    One, try to refrain from unnecessary profanity ;-)
    Two, that's odd that norton didn't work- most of the virii on AO is pretty old/obsolete... I'd like to see what happens, keep us updated...

    btw- is Norton updated? It might be worth the $ to d/l some updates :-)
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    the profanity was cuz im an idiot. the program was actually running in the background at the time thats why it wouldnt delete. but it was really screwing around with my desktop so watch out for atchung keylogger.

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    Hey Jibo, for future reference (I'm not sure if you got Norton 2002 or 2003) but, these links are exact steps to take once a virus and/or trojan is detected on NAV.

    IF you got NAV 2002 check this out -

    IF you got NAV 2003 check this out -
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    wtf do u do when u cant delete it with ur antivirus?
    mainly in response to this...

    you could always try deleting it from the dos command line?

    what about using a file shredder, one comes with a package called genius and its trailware, but i'm sure you would find a freeware standalone one.

    note that there is a chance that norton just recognises it as hazordous software and flags it, to stop people running it on others systems, and hence if it was to be cleaned it wouldn't do anything.

    it also mightn't be such a bad idea to give windows a quick once over with your ERD or recovery diskette to repair the reg and other system files. and perhaps reinstall your display drivers and internet explorer because ie is used for the "active" desktop. infact, turn off the active desktop or in 2k you could open the run diaglogue box or just taskmanager, then kill the explorer process and any other processes that are not system critical and restart explorer by executing the command "explorer" in run, or as a new task (2k). observe the changes if any.
    (NHF mode, engaged)
    kill processes by using control alt and delete, and selecting a process that is not system critical, and click end task. for a list of system critical processes, consult google for your OS, and your specific software, printer, camera whatever. </>

    report anything relevant back here,
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    sorry i didnt post that last one with enuf detail. the program was running in the background when i tried to delete it so i went task manager and shut the thing down from there and then deleted it and now its all good. damn good suggestiongs though. and im running norton 2002. cuz its free.

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    I have run into this.

    You can't delete it because norton is "using" the file.
    Temporarily disable NAV's real time protection and wait about 30 seconds.

    Try to delete file.

    Now enable NAV's real time protection.
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