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Thread: Just a little request...

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    Just a little request...


    Since my first day in AO until now i have passed through a good number of threads and posts and many, many times i have seen a lot of misspelled words but not because people don't know how to write them (well, it could be sometimes) but because of writing them to fast i suppose. There's no reason to be in a hurry. There are a LOT of persons which english isn't their native language and sometimes it's very difficult to understand what a member want to say or ask in his/her thread or post, adding the matter that there are words, phrases or expressions that only americans (although maybe others too) are really used to use or know and we don't understand their meanings. So please, i don't mean that you don't talk or write the way you want (of course you can), i'm just asking that when you post a thread requesting an answer try to write it the better as possible so non-english-spoken persons can understand a little more what you are asking for, and try to read your post before posting it to correct its orthography errors (this is what i always try to do, to the point i sometimes edit it just to correct really bad spelling mistakes). Again, there's no reason to hurry.

    Well, i hope this helps improving a little more this site for our rejoice.

    Note: sorry if i have misspelled some words.



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    -DaRK-RaiDeR-, there is a spell checking function here, but it does not correct syntax. As for people rushing replying to posts, it happens. There are some members where the replies are sometimes hard to understand, but we learn to read them

    As for the suggestion, it's a moot point.


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    i'm just asking that when you post a thread requesting an answer

    hes saying if your asking for help you'll get more and better help if your question if written so everyone here can understand it. and hes right.

    for a good number of the AO members english is a second or even third language. these are very bright people. if you really want help you shouldn't use local slang. you'll be missing out on some good advise if you do. unless of course your only posting to get you count up.
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    I totally agree with the idea of AO being a global community. In fact, I had read a post the other day from some member here at AO. What irritated me about the reply was they had inferred that everyone should know what the First Amendment(United States) is. Like it was common knowledge...even some people I know don't know what the hell the first amendment is and they live here. I've come up with a link to show how many different constitutions there are in the world, so maybe the next time, people won't be so quick to assume the entire world knows the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    I guess my point is, be considerate of your fellow AO members who aren't familiar with the US's culture, just like how I'd like to be treated if the roles were reversed.
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