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Thread: Hard Drive Killer Pro

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    Hard Drive Killer Pro

    Does anyone have the code that was used to create the "Hard Drive Killer Pro" program? I'm curious about how it works. If anyone has it, could you please post it, so i can see what commands the program uses and maybe make a patch to stop it from working. It was undetected by Norton Antivirus 2003 so i think it must be pretty bad........pleez help!!! oh yeah...don't run the .EXE or.bat philez

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    All the code that was used to create this program is in the batch file. However, even though it is only a batch file, it sounds fairly difficult to understand (according to the readme):

    even if an advanced batch programmer looks at the source code, they would not be able to understand it all. It uses features and functions that weren't even documented by Microsoft (undocumented features)
    You can download it from this page, since the batch file in yours has apparently been quarantined by Norton Antivirus

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