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    Talking File grabbing

    I am looking a webserver. I am able to browse the c drive and others drives residing on the server, but I am unable to grab files. What would be a good way to grab files residing on the webserver itself? It is a IIS 6.0. Any tech. Docs. or other help would be much appriciated.

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    by the word "grab" do you mean download?

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    Yes I do.

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    Is this server yours?

    If it isn't I don't think you'll find a whole lotta help round here............

    If it is yours and you can view the c: drive across the net get it off there now and visit microsoft to find out how to secure it before you place it in the public domain - then you won't have the problem of how to "grab" files 'cos you won't be able to......

    Problem solved!!!!!
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    are you sure its not a jave script showing you the files on your own computer? How are you viewing these files
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    Sometimes the server will let you view the contents of a folder...

    So "http://perl55.tripod.com/jungle/" might show me all of the files stored in the “jungle” directory, and it would prolly look something like this:


    Sorry if it doesn’t look nice, AO removes a lot of spaces...
    I hope this helps, and if it doesn’t ~ keep us updated :-)

    This might not be what you're looking for... oh-yeah, if you're looking in XP it will look like a regular folder, not like it used to pre-XP... oh well, b-bye...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    take a *nix box.


    wget -m http://theserver.com

    this will mirror the server.. in other words download all !!

    I don't know if wget is also available on windows.. else there is always webzip
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    Sounds like you want to setup the IIS box to allow users (or anonymous users) the ability to download files. If this is the case, you will need to first setup the directory structure and then make IIS aware of it (I assume the FTP service is what you are configuring), then assign the appropriate ACLs to directories and users. After that, I'd seriously consider locking down the default install of IIS. There are many great sites uot there that address this. Remember that directory permissions supercede user permissions when doing this. Important safety tip. :-)


    Oooops, I guess I didn't read your entire post. You can ignore this message.

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