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    I've gotten frustrated lately over designing and maintaining sites. You ever look at something and are just, so peeved with it....you get rid of it? That's the way I am. Out with the old and in with the new. Everything is a weblog...everyone has a forum nowadays. When will the cliche of websites end?

    A discussion came up on IRC with SD and I, talking about a new and exciting way to build a site. I have a few ideas, but everything has so been done and it's frustrating as hell to try and create something someone has never seen before, when you've never actually seen it yourself to start out with.

    So my question is, where do you receive your inspiration when it comes to site building/design? I've exhausted my sources as far as ideas. Nothing seems new anymore.

    Ack, help!

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    Well. I personaly like automation and am the expirimenting type..

    http://tp2.be/electric every hour a cron job checks for new news @ lwn.net
    http://tp2.be/yosd cheap ass effects and a search engine that work terribly bad..
    http://tp2.be/ping.html ping urself from my site..
    http://tp2.be look at the fortune @ the bottom of the site.. (yes it is index.html and not php or something )
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