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Thread: Google..errr..froogle ?

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    Red face Google..errr..froogle ?

    hello everyone,

    ermm..i was wondering if you guys have known these sides of google :


    [ Google's technological playground, as it calls itself, it has all sorts of other stuff related to search and logic, not exactly search, quotes and glossary and lotsa stuff]

    Second :

    [ err..this is a product search, google is general, this is product specific, if you want to buy some product or something, this is the place.]

    Found these new finds cool, thought i'd share.

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    Wow.. cool find..

    I do hope my girlfriend never finds out about Froogle and buy's the whole internet

    And that Google Viewer and the glossary engine is great too !!
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    Perfect.. ty for the hint ....


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    Impressive.......really cool. Thanx for sharing. Now i got something new to "play" with
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    Wonder where ya found that from !
    Anyway, cool.

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    To see all that google offers

    My favorite has to be

    Froogle - - New!
    Find products for sale from across the Web. More...

    Google Answers -
    An open forum where Researchers answer your questions for a fee. More...

    Google Catalogs -
    Search and browse mail-order catalogs online. More...

    Google Groups -
    Post and read comments in Usenet discussion forums. More...

    Google Image Search -
    The most comprehensive image search on the web with 390 million images. More...

    Google Labs -
    Prototypes and projects in development by Google engineers, including: Google Viewer - Google WebQuotes - Google Glossary - Google Sets - Voice Search - Keyboard Shortcuts. More...
    Google News - - New!
    Search and browse 4,000 continuously updated news sources. More...

    Google Special Searches -
    Narrow your search to a specific topic, such as BSD, Apple, and Microsoft.

    Google University Search -
    Narrow your search to a specific school website.

    Google Web Directory -
    The web organized by topic into categories. More...

    Google Web Search -
    Relevant results fast from searching more than 3 billion web pages.

    Google Wireless -
    Access Google's adaptable search technology from any number of handheld devices.

    Google Tools

    Google Browser Buttons -
    Access Google's search technology by adding our buttons to your browser's personal toolbar.

    Google in Your Language -
    Volunteer to translate Google's help information and search interface into your favorite language.

    Google Toolbar -
    Take the power of Google with you by adding the toolbar to your IE browser. More...

    Google Translate Tool -
    Translate text or entire web pages.

    Google Web APIs -
    A tool for software developers to automatically query Google. More...
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    lol you just missed froogle hah, there's still that point to invader's post

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    Damn, and here I though it had something to do with
    Google is my much knowledge with such a small Edit box 'n' button.

    - Noia
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    Yeah, Google is great. It flies through the net and grabs everything you want in a matter of seconds. It's so unselfish

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    Talking Also nice !!

    Google customization is realy cool too !!

    if you want to try it: use the google search on my homepage
    a black google with green letters is the result !!

    I would have put the resulting page here if ao wouldn't add < br> tags to the url, like I once posted about long urls a while back..
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