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Thread: SMS Spoofing

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    Question SMS Spoofing

    Is it possible to send some1 a spoofed SMS so that they think that it has been sent from some1 else. For example like a fake email. Could u telnet to 1 of these sites on the net that allow you to send free SMS's and then construct ur own header for the sms packet. By construction the header u can alter the senders number and i know there are fields in the header to allow for the recieving of reports on delievery. Has Ne1 gotta clue as 2 how this is done?

    Cos then it will mean that the validility of a SMS will be greatly reduced.

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    I'm not sure exactly what you would do with something like that... Sounds like a spammer trick to me? hmm... ::me thinks about post::
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Hi, yes it is possible indeed with the help of a computer connected to the internet, and a sms service provider who allows this. The spoofed sms will go through the provider meaning that only the provider can see the real source. Thing is, i live in greece, we have several mobile phone providers, but i can only spoof to another person who is using the same provider. I cannot spoof to someone who is using a diff provider. Im not sure how this all works, since ive only seen this once, but it is possible.

    I hope that helped you a bit.

    ps. The provider in greece that supports that is called TELESTET

    Maybe you can find more info on it.

    Good luck.
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    It is also possible via the same actions needed to spoof an SMS message, to crash some nokia phones (mainly order version). But to do it you need to be able to send custom SMS messages. That's all I'm saying

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    Is it possible to send some1 a spoofed SMS so that they think that it has been sent from some1 else.
    naturally, this is possible. however i don't think that they designed it for impersonating other people. you can dial directly into an short message service center and send a message with a personalised 16 digit source "number", you can use up to 11 alphabetic characters instead send picture messages, nokia logo's etc. you just have to find a free smsc that supports the TAP protocol and whatever bells and whistles you are looking for. oh wait, here is one...Belgium - Mobistar outside 0032495955205, inside 0495955205. or check out here, http://www.intellisoftware.co.uk/pro...l-numbers.aspx you can also do this through tcp/ip, but you might have to join up somewhere and pay. here http://botanicus.net/dw/genie.html describes genie.co.uk's SMS Protocol,
    here, http://www.funsms.net/sms_tutorial.htm here, an SMS tutorial,
    and here http://www.desoft.co.uk/smsctr.html
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