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Thread: food + drink = bad keyboard

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    Exclamation food + drink = bad keyboard

    haha. a friend of mine tonight spilt water on her keyboard and here it the result.
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    Aha, bad luck.

    When I was on desktop support, I frequently saw people break their keyboards in this manner. I came to the following conclusion:

    - Water is not too bad, you dry it off, and they usually still work
    - Anything not containing sugar isn't too bad, like diet coke or coffee with no sugar
    - Anything with sugar in is very bad, all the keys stick down, and you have a dead keyboard

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    A few years ago I can remember seeing a keyboard on the T.V. that was completly washable! It was completly sealed (no spillage problems here) and felixible to get between the keys. You just placed it in a bowl of water gave it a a scrub and problem solved. Havn't seem any from major brands or in computer stores over here but I uncovered a few on google. Maybe manufacturers should take note of the problems computer uses are faced with.
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    whoa!! this happen to me once

    now I always have a extra keyboard at hand.

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    lol I used to wash the membrane keyboards all the time. Had several folks spill stuff on their keyboards (like Coke, Pepsi, Tea, etc) and I would just take the keys off, remove the membrane, wash it and let it dry. Then put it back together and everything works just fine.

    This was back in my field engineer days and I used to to much success.

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    I cant even count the number of times i spilled water or other liquids on my compaq keyboard. Usually I just unplug it, and use a spare. It works just as good as before once the water dries up.
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    hehe, I'v got plastic bit's in mine....I have to tilt it to use some of the key's.....gona take it appart this week end, untill then, the whole right side is dead....lol

    It would be worse if it was a Laptop.....spill water on that and poof.....paper-weight.

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    great post, lol. If the police were to ever to use my keyboard for evidence, they'd know everything I ate for the last 3 years. I swear the damn thing is a food magnet. Anyways, I was sent this link about keyboards, I thought it was great.
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    Anyway, now it shows you if you add the words "sugar-free" to your diet it'll help you and your keyboard. /me knows no one in their right mind would do that

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    That's why I like them old (heavy) IBM keyboards..

    if you spill wine, beer, coke or anything at all over it..
    Just screw them open and bath the intrails..

    well first unplug ofcourse

    then dry and re-assamble..
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