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Thread: Bandwidth Cost.

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    Bandwidth Cost.

    If you pay for bandwidth usage for you site. What technic do you use to keep bandwidth usage low and save SOME money in the process?

    I'd like some tips and pointers. Thanks

    Has anyone tried JetNEXUS?
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    Well, I provide downloads and in that case if the download I provide is on another site I direct my link to download from their site rather than mine. (with permission that is) I also use lower quality film clips and images (just enough so it looks good).

    and monitor your bandwidth usage in three month periods to see what the average usage rate is and buy only a little bit over in case of an upward spike. Other than that, no sence in buying a gig if your only using 200 MB a month. Opt for the 250 or 500 whatever the closest one they offer is.

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    I've a colocation server and this is my daily bandwidth usage.
    Website (80,443)avg 114mb a day.
    Mail Server (smtp,pop3,data) avg 30mb a day.
    FTP (21) avg 25mb a day.
    That's 179mb a day.
    My problem is that my colo host provider logs on avg 245mb a day on their cisco routers.

    Apart from pcanywhere traffic i'm not sure where are all other bandwidth are coming from?

    Are they coming from ICMP packets? pcanywhere possibly?
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