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Thread: I need help, i cant figure this one out.

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    Question I need help, i cant figure this one out.

    this isnt really for me, its for a friend. but i couldnt figure it out.

    Melissa has windows XP and it no longer can open Internet explorer 6, the My computer folder, or the control pannel. she tried to reinstall IE. That did not work. Is there some way that she can fix this problem without having to reformat the HDD and start from scratch?

    im not real up to date on what virus' are out there...but i do know she was running Kazaa Media Desktop which is prone to back door virus'.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated by Melissa.
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    1) Put your antivirus software up to date and run a full scan.
    2) Use a program like SystemWorks to correct possible errors in your system.
    3) (in last case) do a system restore if necessary.

    Maybe one of these options can help you solve the problem, although there could be many more solutions but i just can think of these now.



    Edit: Hey!!!, your thread called "help with IE6 ... its for a friend" is the same as this one. What is this???

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    Check this link for my reply: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=238700

    Also, just so you know in the future, posting the same message in multiple forums is not looked upon favorably here...
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    Tell Melissa to go to www.grisoft.com and download AVG anti-virus (it's free, but whoops, you'll have to go for her since she has no IE). Or check some of the AV threads for other alternatives. The main point is that NOT having AV protection on a computer connected to the internet is about as smart as it would be to have unprotected sex with enough sailors (no offense to any naval personnel intended) to fill an aircraft carrier and 5 shrimp boats to boot.

    After sweeping and cleaning any virii lurking on her computer, go find a good trojan scanner. I use Tauscan myself, available as a 30 day trial at www.agnitum.com .
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    Just another thought for the future. The built in firewall in XP only monitors incoming traffic. Your friend might consider downloading the free firewall from zonealarm or one of the others to not only prevent incoming exploits, but to (maybe) give notice that there is some unauthorized outgoing traffic, e.g., various worms, warez traffic, etc.

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    A few of the laptops in my program @ school had those problems last semester. I fixed them by killing explorer after windows had booted, and then restarting explorer... after that the problems were fixed.. .even after reboot..

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    IE has its own repair program in the system tools to correct errors,and replace missing and/or
    corrupt files. It calls for you to reboot after its finnished. I sometimes have problems with IE after getting bombed with popups or a bunch of site re-directs, theres a few sites there that even took over and changed my homepage so that i had to reset it in Internet Properties.

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    Use the quick restore option, it'll take you back to a certain point in history, such as when the computer was first used and you won't lose any information, all the programs should go back to how they were when the computer was first booted up.

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