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Thread: Disaster Policy

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    Disaster Policy

    I have just been tasked with writing a disaster policy for our company. Does anyone know where I might find a template or have any suggestions on where I can find some good reasources for writing this policy?

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    Well, I can give you an example of a disaster policy. I'm sure that helps, right? Just random from google...


    Also, I found something while searching. A bit expensive ($595), but I think you should have a look into it.

    "Information Security Policies
    A comprehensive set of policies (standards) for use throughout your organization"

    http://www.eon-commerce.com/rusecure/default.asp there

    Hoped I helped a bit.

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    I did a course at University involving information management. That dealt with Disaster Recovery Policies... granted it was mainly concerned with hard copy documents, but there was also mention of electronic records systems disaster recovery....

    most organisations will have these policies so you might be able to leech a little to get a better understanding of them....

    you can google "information management policy" or "records disaster recovery planning"

    If this is on topic and it has some stuff you are eager to look at:

    arma.org might be worth while....

    good luck hope it helps...

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