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    Question VMWare-Dos Emulator

    I was up too freakin late last night, trying to get this old dos game to run under win 2k.
    X-com: UFO defence. Knowing that the WIN2k kernel doesn't have DOS, or even an emulated version, I downloaded VM Ware, kinda a virtul PC. Well, when I 'powered it up' it booted up normally until it said No operating system found. Dumbfounded, I went to the car and got a windows98 SE disk. Popped it in, rebooted the virtual pc. Only this time it said there was no bootable disk in the drive. WTF. So I restarted again and again, trying to get it to pick up the WIN98SE. But it didn't. So i started over. For Hours I hacked at this peice, trying to get it simply to run DOS. But it wouldn't. So I have uninstalled VMWare. And now I'm pissedat WIN2K. All I want it is a DOS emulator so i can play X-com. Any Idea's....
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    \I have been having problems with VMWare as well...
    \par I can only run a bootable CD if the physical A:\\ is designated as an input device?
    \par Oh well, just saying that i was having problems, although i'm trying to emulate FreeBSD 4.7 via a win2k host...
    \par Here is a link to my Post; it's pretty recent (still on the front page) >>
    \par http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=238677}
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    All of my my OS class is taught threw VMWare..

    last semester on an XP install Ihad installed successfully:

    PC Dos
    MS Dos
    Win NT
    Red Hat Linux
    Mandrake Linux

    this semester so far, which has just started on a 2K install

    I have success installed:

    Windows NT
    Windows 2K
    Mandrake Linux

    I haven't had any problems with it...

    especially with the DOS install..

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    My friend LOVE'S X-Com... and he proclaimed that there is a patched executable that will run very nicely on Win2k.

    Google: "x com download ufo"

    apparently it is the second link...

    He tried to get it to run without VM-Ware through some sort of sound hack that has a memory manager for DOS... something that he had luck with for other DOS programs that he had laying about..., but that was a no dice with X-Com.

    I PMed you with the link he gave me...

    I don't know anything about VM-Ware, but hopefully you will be able to hunt your aliens now...


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    Just a quick question for you... did you try to use the application compatablility program for it?

    It isn't loaded by default, but it is on the 2k disk under support\tools (I think).

    you can drop that in any folder in your path (I normally use \%systemroot%\system32\)

    Sometimes you can emulate applications to run under an older OS.
    XP has this built in, on 2k, you have to add it.

    after you put it in your path, run it from start, run.

    It is pretty self explanitory from there...

    I have been sucessful at EVERYTHING I have tried to run so far.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Why not make a small FAT16 partition and use the open source DR.DOS? http://www.drdos.net/ That might save you the headaches of emulators and such. That might allow you to play your old games we love so much



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