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Thread: Nokia extends mobile apps development to Linux

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    Exclamation Nokia extends mobile apps development to Linux

    Now the world is taking notice to the ability of open source coding

    Thought you linux lovers would love this

    NOKIA ON TUESDAY began offering a free, Java-based toolkit for developing mobile applications on the Linux platform, for deployment on Nokia mobile phones.

    "I think [this announcement] is pretty substantial," Preimesberger said. "There are a lot of open-source developers out there who are already familiar with Linux who are interested in getting into wireless development. This really paves the way for those open-source developers out there who haven't had a tool like to this to start looking at developing for cell phones or handhelds."
    Full story can be found here
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    Wow, nice find..

    But the_JinX dislikes java programming too much..

    well perhaps a nice screensaver for my girlfriends Nokia if I find the time!!
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    Hi I am new to this Forum I want to learn programming can anyone suggest me from where to start? Thanks in advance

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