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Thread: 802.1X switches?

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    Post 802.1X switches?

    I guys, I am looking forward Ethernet switches products supporting the 802.1X IEEE standard.

    Any info or personnal feedback are welcome, thanx,

    For information:
    802.1X is combined wth 3 entities:

    - 802.1X client: It's a end-user PC
    Windows XP seems to implement it quite well, Linux implementation seems not stable yet
    (I tested it with an authenticator on a linux PC)

    - 802.1X server: Mainly a Radius that authenticate user certificats

    - 802.1X authenticator: Located within a ethernet switch. It forwards client request to the Radius (at layer 2) and open(with VLAN ID, rate limiting, ...) or close end users port in function of the Radius response.
    Cisco implementation seems not stable yet.
    Will be implemented in next 6000 newbridge product.
    I do not know any product will a full implementation of it.
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    did you read the info on: http://www.open1x.org/
    great site..

    But most of the commercial and open products are still unsafe, so beware !!
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    Thanks the_JinX, I've tested the supplicant on my testbed.

    And as a first point of view it worked fine, I deeply aggre that this techno is unsafe & not mature, but the huge monster company CISCO seems to bet on that techno.

    But their is a big step between what they say and what they achieve, but their is no doubt they will manage to lead that market too.

    I think this techno is a real good issue for mobile secured access into a company site. Far better than Mobile IP and it's outrageous tunnelling overhead!

    But I hope that some of you guys have already played with such techno and give feedback
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