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Thread: What? Microsoft giving Win source code...

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    What? Microsoft giving Win source code...


    Is this another strategy?

    Microsoft Corp., moving to stem the tide of foreign governments embracing the Linux open-source operating system, on Tuesday announced it has formed a global initiative to provide governments around the world with access to Windows source code...
    Source and full story here



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    Oh No- all hell has broken loose...
    Haxors who have access to win src?
    Hmm... me thinks more exploits will come of this?
    Altogether- a great move ofr M$ ;-)
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Hmmm, too bad it's for gv't agencies only. However, I am yet to see the reasoning behind this. For the last decade, Microsoft has been a staunch critic of the open source movement and anything having to do with open source.

    Maybe Microsoft sees this as a way to tap into the open source world and take over it.

    Maybe Microsoft has finally wised up and realize that closed source methods are too restrictive.

    With these questions in mind, I am wondering even with the source available to a specific group, is it really open source, or shared source as with other things that MS decided to release?

    Until I see MS source code on a CVS repository, I will remain skeptical.



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    Is this another strategy?
    yes it is..

    Microsoft is showing the source as-is to layman..
    this can IMHO mean only one thing:

    • they are scared shitless of linux migration of gorvernments
    • they show it but you are not allowed to do anything with it
    • they are trying to cover the whole "antitrust" issue aside by this lame act..

    but that's just my opinion
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    I agree with Jinx's last point, I think it is mainly the anit-trust issue, the European countries are still going after M$ for different reason's than the US. . .I think M$ is trying to nip it in the bud early this time, since it didn't work out the way they thought it would with the gov. here.
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    Now the real question is, when is the source going to be leaked? In the past, Microsoft has been notorious for "giving" programs and technology to specific organizations or governments only to have it leaked out to the Internet. I don't have any of my links available at the moment which discuss such leaks, but I'll try to edit this post when I get to another workstation which has the evidence. I think this has the potential to bring a real threat to Windows, considering they are releasing the source for 2000, XP and 2003 Server (all of which will be mainstream by summer, especially with MS dropping support for older operating systems). It could bring in a whole new era of viruses and exploits, which Microsoft will have may trouble countering if they can't find exactly what the new viruses and exploits target. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...


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    Now the real question is, when is the source going to be leaked? In the past, Microsoft has been notorious for "giving" programs and technology to specific organizations or governments only to have it leaked out to the Internet.
    That's an interesting point. With MS releasing source to specific group(s), it will only be a matter of time befre the source is leaked to the Internet or P2P. Thic can mean a lot of problems for MS considering the high likelyhood of a super-restrictive licensing scheme for legit users and leaves the playfield wide open for crackers, virus writers and exploiters out there.

    It's a lot like guns. The legit gun buyer has to go through all kinds of channels to protect his/her family, but the criminal can get a Saturday night special for peanuts to do a drive by. Not this thread is a gun control issue

    <conspiracy theory>
    Another thing that makes me wonder. With the g'vt having access to source code, we will not know what the terms between MS and them will be and the extent of use of that source code. With the new Homeland security bill, is it possible the g'vt can use the WIndows or other MS source code to place surviellance or other "handy features" in the name of security?
    </conspiracy theory>

    Yeah, I know it's a little crazy, but this is MS we are talking about


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