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Thread: breaking through Zone Alarm

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    breaking through Zone Alarm

    hey could someone help find out who "bLuE CiPhEr" is? he (or she) got through my firewall and deleted all my personal files like the ones in the "my documents" folder and then replaced my desktop backround with a penguin (looks like a linux user) that has one of those text bubbles coming out its mouth, saying "bLuE CiPhEr was here...all hope is lost!" luckily i backed up most of files, but i would still like to know who that person is, and also how to prevent that from happening again. any help would be much appreciated.

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    with the information you got you stand a better chance of seing god in your lifetime.

    bLuE CiPhEr can be anybody. to sign that name on your computer dosn't mean that person has an account somewhere with that name. if thats all you have to go on just chalk it up to experiance and learn to do it right.

    why dont you post a section of ZAlog.txt for the time period it happened in with your IP address Xed out and we'll see if there's anything interesting happening on it.
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    We don't know who this "bLuE CiPhEr" is, but check out the cached page I pulled from google

    The web address has it exactly the way that "he" signed your "defaced desktop"?

    Kind of odd... I circled it in red for you.

    EDIT: Damn thing won't attach!!?!
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