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Thread: Mandrake Files for Bankruptcy Protection

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    Unhappy Mandrake Files for Bankruptcy Protection

    The Link: http://slashdot.org/articles/03/01/1....shtml?tid=147

    Posted by michael on Wednesday January 15, @01:05PM
    from the goodwill-not-enough-to-live-on dept.
    An anonymous reader writes "It's official: MandrakeSoft has filed a 'declaration de cessation des paiements' - the French equivalent of a U.S. Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. From a statement issued by the company: 'This reorganization of liabilities enables MandrakeSoft to continue its current operations, which are showing increases in revenue and significant decreases in expenses. MandrakeSoft's strategic partners are supporting the company in this process and the MandrakeSoft team is focused on continuing to deliver high quality services and products to its customers.' Best wishes to MandrakeSoft as they work through this process."
    Letís hope they can pull through this. They make a great desktop distro and it would be a shame if they went under.
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    Wow, there seems to be alot of things filing for bankruptcy Protection, hockey teams, etc. And I would hate to see Mandrake go under, I use Mandrake 9 and 8.2 and I can't wait for Mandrake 10, I hope everything goes fime for them, and they make it though this.
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    This is not good news, indeed. I have heard of ongoing financial troubles for my favorite distribution over the last few months, and they have tried many initiatives to get some revenue coming in from the Mandrake Club, selling stock, Power Packs and partnering with proprietary software vendors such as Sun.

    I agree. They make a killer desktop Linux and I have not used any other since ver 6.0 and would hate to see it go. It's been bad news all around for open source today.



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    I am not going to hit the panic button just yet ..... apparently the previous CEO of MandrakeSoft entered into some rather expensive contracts which have not been financially viable for Mandrake, this has been the cause of the current financial woes.

    This CEO has gone and a new one taken his place - the Chapter 11 filing will stall these contracts and allows the new management team time and money to re-think the the future of Mandrake and build/re-structure a positive business model - if this fails it may bring down the curtain on Mandrake as we know it in its present form.

    I am sure that should Mandrake go under, like the Phoenix, it will rise from the ashes and we will have a very similar distro but under another title.

    I hope for the sake of the developers and users that Mandrake get through this and comes out the other side stronger than ever. I have seen a little of Mandrake 9.1 and it looks very slick.

    At the end of the day, should Mandrake disappear it has taught me enough for me to "get down and get dirty" with another distro with confidence, and for that I must thank them.

    Found this site that explains thing a bit better than me.

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    M$ probably love that it happen, but surely they will bounce back. Seeing that their under new management Mandrake fans just give them time and M$ ya'll can stop hoping it will never happen.

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    Don't worry it won't. *nix is here to stay:-r

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